Animation Tutorial 2

Another animation tutorial.  This video demonstrates some of the more advanced methods of animation in Grasshopper including simultaneous control of multiple parameters and camera control.  In the next video we will cover including analysis and multiple views.

NSAD Computational Design Seminar 2015

Last fall I was chosen as a contributing author/speaker for a Computational Design seminar held at the NewSchool of Architecture and Design.  This symposium was focused on illustrating the ways in which computation is shaping architecture and associated disciplines.  Other speakers at the event included film designer Andrew Reeder, McNeel developer Rajaa Issa, and technology director [...]

Architectural Software Evaluation

For the past year I have been working on a system for more accurately evaluating the many options available for architectural software.  This project started as a group effort in my Computational Design class during spring of 2015 and the original post can be found here. Currently I have completed a rough draft of the project that includes: [...]

Adaptive Structure Analysis- Paneling

In this post I am continuing the analysis of a previously designed algorithmic form.  It was initially designed in March of this year and I have been tinkering with optimization of the massing for the past few weeks.  There are two previous posts on my blog that explain the process and goals of the massing [...]

Adaptive Structure Analysis- Massing Update

After an updated attempt at mass analysis I have few new results, but they are significant.  Optimized parameters were altered to constrain most aspects of the building, but to allow for variable floor to floor height and building rotation.  The building was placed in context as an infill project in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San [...]

Adaptive Structure Analysis- Massing

Previously, I created a tower using grasshopper that responded to the level and position of occupants within each floor to create a system of variable extrusions that opened the facade to the exterior when people gathered near them.  This solution focused on the adaptation of a single space to changes in the distribution and total number of [...]

Ladybug + Galapagos Basic Tutorial

As part of my latest project (with team members Moises Robles and Stephen Gonzales) I wanted to jump into environmental analysis and form optimization.  Using Ladybug and Galapagos within Grasshopper we performed a radiation analysis of the floor plates within an example tower project that included a parametric shutter facade.  Although we used a random [...]

Reading Response 2

CASL House Plan and Section [Converted] In this project I analyzed the CASL house in Eugene, Oregon to illustrate sustainable principles used in the design.  This house is especially interesting because it is a remodel, rather than new construction as most highly efficient projects tend to be.