Design and Representation

Something that I've been thinking a lot about lately is the nature of designing in a three dimensional environment vs traditionally.  I've heard from many that technology doesn't change the design process, that regardless of the tools good designers posses a certain skillset.  I think this is true to a certain extent, but that the [...]

The Reintroduction of Complexity

The question of how we choose to engage in landscaping is ultimately the question of how we choose to relate to the natural world. In some cases, as in turn of the century English gardens, the designers chose to replicate natural elements in an idealized arrangement through the imposition of order. In Japanese gardens, natural [...]

Neuroscience of Architecture

The topics contained in the Architecture and Neurscience reader bring many questions to mind about the application of ethical principles to architectural experimentation, the responsibility to preserve a continuous built expression of a culture, the difficult task of shifting the science of architecture onto firmer ground while acknowledging and incorporating the experiential and emotional aspects of the practice. Each [...]

Deep Regionalism

Although these readings cover a broad variety of topics ranging from ecosystem modeling theory to water and biodiversity preservation, the most interesting common theme is the connection between intimate knowledge of a locality and our ability to positively impact ecosystems. The deep knowledge of a region and locality is in my estimation the most important [...]