NSAD Computational Design Seminar 2015

Last fall I was chosen as a contributing author/speaker for a Computational Design seminar held at the NewSchool of Architecture and Design.  This symposium was focused on illustrating the ways in which computation is shaping architecture and associated disciplines.  Other speakers at the event included film designer Andrew Reeder, McNeel developer Rajaa Issa, and technology director Casey Mahon from Carrier Johnson + CULTURE.  It was truly an honor to be included in such a stellar group of people and to have an opportunity to present my ideas for the future of our profession.

My talk centered around the initial research and proposal of one of the thesis ideas that I decided not to pursue.  The core premise was that a more fine-grained and accessible approach to zoning regulation could be created using computational methods.  Although not something that I have been able to continue developing since the presentation, I believe that this idea is important for two reasons.  First, that zoning is pursued at a scale that attempts to strike a balance between regulatory comprehension and the addressing the continually varying landscape of the urban environment- and in doing so falls prey to shortcomings in both areas.  Second, that architects are in the best position to determine the built forms that meet the regulatory goals of the city- so by describing goals based on the physical and demographic characteristics of a particular site a more unique and successful urban fabric can emerge.

The video and associated paper for this proposal is included below the break.


Urban Acupuncture through Algorithmic Zoning

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